Following service or repair at Ultra Tune, we will provide you with roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year on qualifying vehicles (see our terms & conditions). We will provide you with assistance for things such as mechanical breakdown, or say for a “no start” situation, where our aim is to get you going – or if this is not possible – we can arrange for your vehicle to be towed to a repairer (Service Limits and Terms & Conditions do apply).

Got a flat battery? Have a flat tyre? Ran out of petrol? No matter what leaves you stranded our Roadside Assistance team will be there to help. Our Ultra TOW Assist service to you is at no charge subject to our policy Service Limits and Terms & Conditions.

You can count on us! We offer you the service because we back the work we do. Ultra Tune Roadside Assistance is provided throughout Australia from over 260 centres.

The Terms and Conditions of the complimentary Ultra Tune Roadside Assistance can be found here: