Do you have the desire, determination and ability to own and run your own Auto Service Centre, but are perhaps lacking some funds and not exactly sure what the next step is?

If you have the ability to relate to people and can go the extra mile to ensure your customers keep coming back we would certainly like to talk to you. We believe we offer the best low cost business model and branding awareness in the industry. If you meet our criteria we can provide the platform & incentives to make owning your very own service centre a reality.


With over 18 million motor vehicles in Australia, the car servicing market is a multi-billion dollar industry, and one which keeps on growing. In this guaranteed on-going market, there is obviously value in a motoring Franchise. All you need is the right vehicle.

A Business with a Past, Present and Future.

Ultra Tune provides a trusted name, with over 40 years involvement in the Australian car servicing business and more than 270 established centres, Australia wide. Ultra Tune is clearly recognised – repeatedly by Canstar Blue – as the industry leader in specialised car servicing and tuning and as an innovator in developing new products to meet changing industry demands.

A Dedicated Business – A Complete System.

Ultra Tune is a unique system. It is a structured series of operating procedures to perform all motor vehicle services faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively. The system is maintained through an exclusive computer program which encompasses both administration and billing, and updated servicing data. In addition, Ultra Tune provides regular in house training and service programs.

Size When Size Counts. (A Business with the Right Connections).

With so many years in the business, Ultra Tune has built up formidable expertise in industry know-how and established excellent relationships with vehicle and component manufactures. Ultra Tune also uses its bulk buying power to ensure the best prices on equipment, parts and lubricants for the network. As a Franchisee you’ll enjoy the benefits and get a real competitive advantage.

  • What do you need to be an Ultra Tune Franchisee?

  • What Do You Get in an Ultra Tune Franchise?

  • What Extra Support does Ultra Tune Provide?

  • What Do You Have to Offer the Customer?

  • That’s Today, What About Tomorrow?

  • What’s in it For Me?

Franchising Enquiries

Opportunities exist throughout Metro, Regional Areas and International.

For full details, please contact

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